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Welcome New Staff, Postdocs & Faculty (December 2022)

December 06, 2022
by Julie Parry

The Department of Internal Medicine is pleased to welcome the following new faculty, staff members, and postdoctoral associates and fellows who joined us in November 2022.


Ana DePino (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Robert Hale (Endocrinology & Metabolism)

Jessica McKenzie (General Internal Medicine)

Bing-Jie Yen (Cardiovascular Medicine)


Arian Abdulla, PhD (Nephrology)

Sidney Bogardus, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Myron Brand, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Cary Caldwell, MD (Digestive Diseases)

JoAnn Hong-Curtis, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Michael Lipcan, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Kristin MacArthur, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Jeremy Matloff, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Hannah Miller, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Wayne Panullo, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Balasankar Priyadarshini (Cardiovascular Medicine)

David Wolfsohn, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Daniel Zanchetti, MD (Digestive Diseases)

Postdoctoral Associates & Fellows

Reem Alariqi (Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology)

Zeynep Avcil (Endocrinology & Metabolism)

Maryam Bagherian (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Felipe Garcia da Silva Sucupira (Endocrinology & Metabolism)

Kadiatou Keita (Infectious Diseases)

Xiu-Qi Tian (Infectious Diseases)

Welcome to Yale School of Medicine and the Department of Internal Medicine!

Submitted by Julie Parry on December 06, 2022