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William Bracamonte, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow

Contact Information

William Bracamonte, MD, PhD


William Bracamonte Baran, MD PhD, is a physician scientist born in Venezuela. Earned his MD degree with honors from the Central University of Venezuela in 2004. After two years of practice in rural and underserved areas, he pursued an Internal Medicine residency at the Caracas University Hospital, with special emphasis in Rheumatology and autoimmunity. Then, he started a professor tenure in the Central University of Venezuela with appointment in the Department of Physiology, focusing on biophysics research, and clinical practice in the Department of Internal Medicine, focusing on diagnostic medicine and autoimmunity. In 2011 he moved to the USA to pursue a PhD in Immunology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. His doctoral research led to discovery of mechanisms of allo-tolerance mediated by exosomes. He then obtained a post-doctoral position at Johns Hopkins University, where carried out translational research in the field of cardiac autoimmunity and transplant immunology. Once there, he made significant findings in the cardiac immunology field, mainly regarding properties of cardiac resident innate lymphoid cells, immunomodulatory role of cardiac endothelial cells via PDL1, amongst others. Aside of clinical and research experience, Dr. Bracamonte has developed extensive academic, teaching and mentoring activities and is reviewer of several peer-review indexed scientific journals. His work has been recognized by the American Heart Association, the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, World Transplant Congress, amongst others, and produced multiple publications in recognized journals such PNAS and Circulation-Heart Failure. Aiming to continue a physician scientist career in the USA, he moved to Texas to complete a second Internal Medicine residency at Texas Tech University. Then he established a successful Internal Medicine practice at Midland Memorial Hospital, Texas. Dr. Bracamonte entered the Rheumatology Fellowship Program at Yale University in July 2023.

Education & Training

  • Resident
    Texas Tech University (2021)
  • Postdoctoral Research
    John Hopkins University (2019)
  • PhD
    University of Wisconsin - Madison (2015)
  • Resident
    Universidad Central de Venezuela - Hospital Universitario de Caracas (2009)
  • MD
    Luis Razetti Medical School, Central University of Venezuela (2004)

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Translational Research AwardAmerican Autoimmune Related Disease Association2016
Postdoctoral Fellowship AwardAmerican Heart Association2015
Young Investigator AwardWorld Transplant Congress - 20142014

Departments & Organizations