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Membership Criteria

Full Center Membership

Full Center Membership is offered to investigators within the University whose focus of research is related to the theme of the Center. Criteria for full membership includes:

  1. has liver-related independent funding or is supported by a Pilot Feasibility Project or both
  2. who utilizes one or more Core facilities
  3. who participates in our enrichment program
  4. who is actively collaborating with other Liver Center members or associate members.

Adjunct faculty may also be considered for membership if they have a regular research presence at Yale, as evidenced by factors such as lab space at Yale, grants administered through Yale, and regular participation in lab meetings at Yale.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership in the Center is extended to faculty in the Medical School who are not independently funded or whose funding is not clearly liver-related but who meet the other criteria for membership, or who participate in essential activities that are integral to the full functioning of the Center.

It is also open to senior postdoctoral fellows support by a pilot project grant or who work on a Center-related project of a faculty member.

Submit your application!

Return the membership application by email to Program Manager, Christine Abu-Hanna