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Biostatistics Core

The primary objective of the Biostatistics Core is to provide state-of-the-art design and analytical services to investigators conducting studies that advance the Yale OAIC theme of multifactorial geriatric conditions.

The Biostatistics Core consists of faculty and staff that aim to:

  • Collaborate with Pepper Scholars, Pilot and Exploratory Core investigators, the Operations Core, and investigators of external projects to achieve the mission of the Yale OAIC in promoting the understanding and treatment of multifactorial geriatric conditions
  • Develop new and sound methods that address the challenges of designing and analyzing studies in basic, translational, and clinical geriatric/aging research, with special emphasis on introducing statistical methods from other disciplines
  • Train the next generation of statisticians, epidemiologists and junior investigators in Gerontologic Biostatistics research methods specific to studies of multifactorial geriatric health conditions

Statistical and Analytical Services

Biostatisticians in the core can assist with analysis and design at all stages of a project from early stages of grant development (statistical methodology, power analyses) to manuscript preparation.


We coordinate services regularly within the Yale research community: