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Scholarship, Media and Awards

Current Research Projects

Martins et al. Syrian Refugee Health: A Qualitative Analysis of Experiences with the U.S. Healthcare System.

Mohareb et al. Characterizing Yale Refugee Clinic Patients.

Brown et al. Evaluating the Utility and Current Implications of Routine Urinalysis Screening in Newly Arrived Refugees.

Gunawan et al. Screening for Diabetes and Prediabetes in A Newly Arrived Refugee Population.

Ferrer Socorro et al. Provider Perspectives on the Effect of Political and Social Context on Migrant and Minority health.

Wang et al. Hair Cortisol as a Marker for Stress in Migrants and Minorities.

Kramer et al. A Systematic Review of Health Literacy Curricula for Refugees and Immigrants.


Selected Books and Book Chapters

Annamalai A (Ed). Refugee Health Care: An Essential Medical Guide. Springer Science + Business Media. New York, NY 2014. 2nd edition in process.

Annamalai A. Health of Immigrant and Refugee Women; Clinical Evaluation of Immigrant and Refugee Women. Scientific American Medicine. 2018.

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles

McKenzie KC, Mishori R, Ferdowsian H. 2019. Twelve tips for incorporating the study of human rights into medical education. Medical Teacher. 1-9.

Ferdowsian H, McKenzie K, Zeidan A. 2019. Asylum Medicine: Standard and Best Practices. Health Hum Rights. Jun;21:215-225.

McKenzie, K. Loud, Gray, and Arbitrary---The Compounding Trauma of Detention on Asylum Seekers. N Engl J Med 2019; 380:807-809.

McKenzie K, Thomas A. Assisting Asylum Seekers in a Time of Global Forced Displacement: Five Clinical Cases. Forensic and Legal Medicine 2017. July. 49:37-41.

Duchen D, Boyd AT, Annamalai A. Screening and Treatment Rates for Latent Tuberculosis Among Newly-arrived Refugees in an Urban Facility in Connecticut. Conn Med. May 2017.

Semere W, Agrawal P, Yun K, Di Bartolo I, Annamalai A, Ross J. Factors Associated with Refugee Acute Healthcare Utilization in Southern Connecticut. J Immigr Minor Health 2017. Apr 5.

Agrawal P, Venkatesh AK. Refugee Resettlement Patterns and State-Level Health Care Insurance Access in the United States. American Journal of Public Health 2016; 106: 662-663.

McKenzie K. Supporting Human Rights, One Patient at a Time. BMJ 2016. Dec 30; 355

Yun K, Mohamed Z, Kiss L, Annamalai A, Zimmerman C. History of Persecution and Health Outcomes Among U.S. Refugees. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 2015. Feb; 18(1):263-9.

Agrawal P, Venkatesh AK. Impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance access, coverage, and cost for refugees resettled in the USA. The Lancet Global Health 2015;3: S91.

Parmar P, Agrawal P, Goyal R, Scott J, Greenough PG. Need for a gender-sensitive human security framework: Results of a quantitative study of human security and gender-based violence in Djohong District, Cameroon. Conflict and Health 2014; 8: 6.

Parmar P, Agrawal P, Greenough PG, Goyal R, Kayden S. Sexual violence among host and refugee populations in Djohong District, Eastern Cameroon. Global Public Health 2012; 7(9): 974-994.

Commissioned Reports and Articles

Bisset A, Prabhu M, Annamalai A. Refugee Resettlement: New Haven focuses on health and wellness. In ‘Trauma Matters: Refugee and Immigrant Trauma’. The Connecticut Women’s Consortium and Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Agrawal P. Incomplete medical information creates resettlement challenges and poor health outcomes for young refugee children. Research conducted for the Migration Policy Institute, May 2014-July 2015.

Agrawal P, VanRooyen M. Assessment of health care access and programs for resettled refugees in the United States. Research conducted for the International Rescue Committee, Nov 2009-June 2010. Published online and distributed by the International Rescue Committee.

Selected Invited National Presentations

Mendiola A. and Balasuriya, L. Innovation and Resiliency in a Refugee Integrated Care Clinic: Clinical Excellence, Collaboration and Training Future Generations. The Refugee Services Collaborative of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland, OH, 2019

Annamalai A. Mental Health in Refugees: Exploring Opportunities for Improvement. North American Refugee Healthcare Conference, Portland, OR, 2018.

Annamalai A. Refugee Health: Local Response to a Global Crisis. Grand Rounds, Southern Illinois University Department of Internal Medicine, Springfield, IL, 2017.

Annamalai A. Somatization in Refugees: A Cased Based Discussion and Overview. Annual Meeting, North American Refugee Healthcare Conference, Rochester, NY, 2014.

Selected National Peer Reviewed Presentations

Agrawal P, Zanin, T, Wood DB, Koons L. “Health literacy needs assessment of newly resettled refugees.” North American Refugee Health Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada, June 17, 2017.

Agrawal P, Zanin T. “Influence of income and education on health outcomes of Bosnian refugees in the United States.” North American Refugee Health Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada, June 16, 2017.

Annamalai A, Prabhu M. Treating Mental Illness in Refugees in the Primary Care Sector: A Curriculum: Annual Meeting, North American Refugee Healthcare Conference, Toronto, ON, 2017.

Agrawal P, Venkatesh AK. “Refugee resettlement patterns and state-level health care insurance access in the United States.” North American Refugee Health Conference, Niagara Falls, NY, June 13, 2016.

Awards and Honors

2017: Annamalai A, Prabhu M - Roger Coleman Award by Connecticut Psychiatric Society

2010: Yale Refugee Clinic – Myra Oliver Award by Connecticut Immigrant and Refugee Coalition