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Research is one of the cornerstones of our Section. Our Section currently has over $8 million per year in research funding from NIDDK, more than any other Digestive Diseases Section in the country.


Our faculty are engaged in a wide range of both basic laboratory research activities and patient-oriented clinical research. Details of an investigators work can be found through links on our faculty menu.

Major areas of laboratory research include:

Major areas of clinical research include:

  • complications and treatment of cirrhosis (Drs. Roberto Groszmann, Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao), viral hepatitis (Dr. Joe Lim), liver cancer (Dr. Mario Strazzabosco), and IBD (Drs. Judy Cho and Deborah Proctor),
  • motility disorders of the esophagus, optimal application of advanced endoscopic techniques to clinical problems including gastrointestinal bleeding, graft-versus-host disease and pancreatic biliary disorders (Dr. Harry Aslanian),
  • advanced endoscopic techniques; pancreatitis; sphincter of oddi dysfunction as well as other clinical aspects of biliary and pancreatic disease (Dr. Priya Jamidar),
  • endoscopic outcomes research (Dr. Anil Nagar),
  • diverticulitis (Dr. Martin Floch), and
  • newer endoscopic modalities (Dr. Caroline Loeser).

Related programs include: