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Sule Tinaz, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology

Contact Information

Sule Tinaz, MD, PhD

Lab Location

Office Location

Research Summary

Most recent research activities include:

  • Mental Imagery Study in Parkinson’s Disease (PI: Sule Tinaz)
  • Imaging Biomarkers of Exercise-Induced Brain Changes in Parkinson's Disease (PIs: Sule Tinaz and Evan D. Morris)
  • Dopamine Transporter Scan-Based Disease Progression Models for Early Parkinson’s Disease (PI: Hemant Tagare)
  • Measuring synaptic density in Parkinson’s disease with SV2A PET imaging (PI: David Matuskey)
  • Structural and functional brain changes in Wilson’s Disease (PI: Michael Schilsky)

Extensive Research Description

My lab investigates the brain changes in movement disorders, especially in Parkinson’s disease using imaging tools including magnetic resonance imaging, dopamine transporter scans, and positron emission tomography. We are particularly interested in investigating the brain plasticity changes in response to mental training and physical exercise in Parkinson’s disease.


Research Interests

Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Parkinson Disease; Neural Networks, Computer; Positron-Emission Tomography; Neuroimaging

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Diseases of the Nervous SystemCognitive Training Study in Parkinson’s Disease
Alzheimer's Disease; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchKetamine for the Treatment of Depression in Parkinson's Disease
Diseases of the Nervous SystemImaging the Dopamine Transporter in Parkinson's Disease
Diseases of the Nervous SystemCognitive Training in Parkinson's Disease