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Sudhir Perincheri, PhD, MBBS

Assistant Professor of Pathology; Director of Digital Pathology, Pathology

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Sudhir Perincheri, PhD, MBBS

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Research Summary

My current clinical research work includes collaborations with faculty in the the Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Nephrology to apply multi photon microscopy technique in renal pathology. I also have active collaboration with a transplant immunology group at St. Joseph's Norton Thoracic Institute in Phoenix, AZ that studies animal models of transplant rejection.

Extensive Research Description

My graduate work at the University of Kentucky involved use of genetic methods to identify a transcriptional regulator of alpha-fetoprotein. Subsequently I performed post-doctoral research in stem cell biology that was partly funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

My current research interests are in the field of Pathoogy; specifically in application of emerging tools in anatomic pathology. I collaborate with other faculty in the University in a study applying MultiPhoton Microscopy in renal pathology as well as prostate pathology. I also participate in studies using digital analysis tools in anatomic pathology. I have an active collaboration with a basic science lab investigating mechanisms of transplant rejection.


Research Interests

Hemic and Immune Systems; Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases; Neoplasms; Urogenital System

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Selected Publications