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Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, PhD

Albert E. Kent Professor of Psychiatry; Chair, Human Investigations Committee (IRB), Human Research Protections Program; Professor, Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Contact Information

Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Psychiatry

    Connecticut Mental Health Center, 34 Park Street

    New Haven, CT 06519

    United States

Research Summary

My research is focused on developing a biobehavioral understanding of the underpinnings of alcohol, tobacco (nicotine) and marijuana use, in adolescent and adult populations, and developing new pharmacological and behavioral interventions to reduce and prevent use of these substances. My more recent work has focused on developing scientific evidence to support national and international tobacco regulatory efforts.

Specialized Terms: Substance use; Alcohol; Tobacco; Marijuana; Adolescent; Developmental; Prevention; Cessation; Biobehavioral

Extensive Research Description

My research is focused on developing novel and effective treatments for substance use behaviors among youth and adults. Among youth, this work involves understanding the prevalence and bio-behavioral underpinnings of risk taking behaviors, using a developmental perspective, and behavioral and neuroimaging methods, and translating this information into optimal prevention and cessation intervention that use experimental, behavioral and pharmacological methods. While most of this work has focused on tobacco use behaviors, we have also extended these efforts to alcohol and marijuana use among youth. My research is also focused on developing empirical scientific evidence to support national and international tobacco regulatory efforts. Among adults, my work has focused using a translational approach to developing and evaluating medications to reduce alcohol drinking among heavy drinkers.

Research Interests

Adolescent Psychiatry; Alcohol Drinking; Behavioral Medicine; Marijuana Abuse; Nicotine; Psychotherapy; Tobacco; Tobacco Use Disorder; Smoking Cessation; Substance-Related Disorders; Alcohol-Related Disorders; Psychiatry and Psychology; Marijuana Use

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Addictive Behaviors; Tobacco AddictionVarenicline for treatment of e-cigarette dependence
Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchAn fMRI study of responses to e-cigarette advertising and warnings among adolescents
Addictive Behaviors; Child Development & Autism; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchA longitudinal study of the effects of cannabis exposure on neuro-development in adolescents and young adults
Addictive Behaviors; Mental Health & Behavioral Research; Tobacco AddictionImaging smoking-induced dopamine release utilizing PET imaging and nicotine patches