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Joseph Paul Eder, MD

Professor Adjunct

Contact Information

Joseph Paul Eder, MD

Research Summary

From 1995-2007, I was clinical director of the Early Drug Development Center at DF/HCC. I have been clinical director of EDDP at Yale since 2012. I do phase I clinical trials. I am also Clinical Medical Director of the Precision Medicine Tumour Board

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Eder 's particular areas of past and present involvement have been in early clinical trials for cancer/Phase I trials and include high dose chemotherapy, the modulation/ reversal of drug resistance, growth factors, vaccines, immune-oncology, signal transduction pathway inhibitors, cell cycle inhibitors, and molecularly targeted therapies/Precision Medicine.

Early drug development, Immuno-oncology


Research Interests

Signal Transduction; Clinical Trial; Clinical Trial, Phase I; Precision Medicine

Selected Publications