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Information Resources for Phenotyping

Pathology and Morphology


Description of Contents

General Histology and Strain-Specific Pathology

Inbred Strain Characteristics

Strain-specific physiology and pathology

Mouse Phenome Database

Searchable database of strain-specific physiology and anatomy

Histology Atlas of the Mouse Mammary Gland

Mammary development and pathology


Allen Brain Atlas

Comparative Human and Mouse neuroanatomy and gene expression

Cancer Biology

Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium

Mouse models of human cancer

Mouse Tumor Biology Database

Search by tumor, strain or tissue

Technical information


Antibodies known to work in mouse tissue

The Antibody Resource Page

Searchable index of sources of antibodies

Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology

High Resolution Mouse Brain Atlas

Interactive atlas of coronal sections

Digital Anatomist Project

Interactive atlases, predominantly neuroanatomy


Embryo Images Online

Scanning EM tutorial by organ system

The Kidney Development Database

Anatomy, genes and animal models related to renal development

The Glandular Organ Development Database

Lung, salivary gland, mammary gland, pancreas, prostate development

Tooth Development

Gene expression in developing teeth