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Comparative Pathology Research (CPR) Service

The service for comparative pathology research provides the opportunity for researchers using animal models of disease to work together with an experienced research veterinarian trained in anatomic veterinary pathology on short- or long-term projects requiring expertise in the evaluation, diagnosis, and documentation of macroscopic, microscopic, ultrastructural, and clinical pathologic findings in rodents and other species.


Histopathologic Analysis For Individual Organs, Tissues or Whole Mouse Phenotyping

Detailed gross necropsy and microscopic tissue evaluation.

Individual tissue evaluation including semi-quantitative analysis for specific parameters.

Publication quality macroscopic and microscopic images with descriptions for figure legends and the relevant sections of manuscripts and grants.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Electron Microscopy (EM) and other types of tissue analysis Although our team does not provide IHC or EM directly, we do the coordinate with other cores services at Yale for IHC and EM and then provide the detailed tissue analysis.

Research necropsies must be scheduled in advance and unless absolutely essential and with prior agreement, must be performed during normal business hours. For time-sensitive, unplanned necropsies, we will do our best to accommodate the investigator. For external projects, necropsy and tissue collection at the customers institution is an option in some cases.

Study Design: Assistance is available to assist with study design, experimental mouse models, pathology protocols, and data analysis for research project involving research using animals.

Grant Support: Letters of support and other documents required for submitting grants using our service can be provided if requested within 2 business days of the deadline set by Yale Office of Sponsored Projects.

Getting Started

Email Dr. Booth, Core Director, to arrange a meeting to discuss your project before submitting samples and (ideally) before starting your project as experimental protocols, e.g., fixation choice, duration, and volume significantly, can impact the final product. Determination of the optimal experimental design, tissue collection, and fixation and plan ultimately reduces expense and improves quality. Each PI receives one hour of free consultation, afterwards an hourly consulting fee is applied.

Please be advised that a valid internal charge of accounts (COA) or external billing information is required prior to the initiation of services

For examples of the different types of research please see Dr. Booth’s NCBI current research publication list: