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2023 OHER Awards for Yale Research Excellence

January 31, 2024

The Office of Health Equity Research (OHER) is pleased to announce the 2023 OHER Awards for Yale Research Excellence recipients and finalists. Original research on health equity was eligible for the award if it was first-authored by Yale-affiliated early-stage investigators and published in 2023. Out of over 750 papers reviewed, 19 finalists and 6 awardees were selected.

We extend our deep appreciation to Kate Nyhan, Lei Wang, and Kayla Del Biondo at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library and to our panel of 39 reviewers, which included Yale investigators and New Haven community leaders, for their dedication to this effort.

A special congratulations to this year’s six awardees! Please click on the links below to read their phenomenal work.


Destiny Tolliver, MD, MHS

Exploring Parental Incarceration, US Government Support Programs, and Child Health and Well-Being: A National Cross-Sectional Study

Emma Zang, PhD, MA, MPhil

Explaining obesity disparities by urbanicity, 2006-2016: A decomposition analysis

Georgina Gross, PhD, MA, MS

Clinical Outcomes of Veterans Affairs Residential PTSD Treatment for PTSD and Depressive Symptoms: 1-Year Follow-Up Outcomes and Gender Differences

Pedro Ochoa-Allemant, MD

Enhanced Identification of Hispanic Ethnicity Using Clinical Data: A Study in the Largest Integrated Unites States Health Care System

Wesley Holland, MD

Racial and ethnic disparities in emergency department-initiated buprenorphine across five health care systems

Yiqun Ma, BMS

Racial/ethnic disparities in PM2.5-attributable cardiovascular mortality burden in the United States


Adeola Ayedun, MPH

Perspective on National Institutes of Health Funding Requirements for Racial and Ethnic Diversity Among Medical Scientist Training Program Leadership

Addie Merians, PhD

Racie and ethnic mental health disparities in US Military Veterans: Results from the National Health and Resilience in Veterans Study

Aliya Webermann, PhD, MA

Military Sexual Trauma and its Association with Mental Health Among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Veterans in the United States

Andy Wen, MD, MPH

Racial disparities in youth pretrial detention: a retrospective cohort study grounded in critical race theory

Benjamin Eisenstadt, BA

Body Image and High-Risk Weight and Shape Control Behaviors Among Transgender and Nonbinary Young Adults: The Role of Sexual Assault

Caiyun Liao, MD

Effect of state insurance mandates on racial/ethnic disparities in the utilization and outcomes of donor oocyte-assisted reproductive technologies

César Caraballo-Cordovez, MD

Excess Mortality and Years of Potential Life Lost Among the Black Population in the US, 1999-2021

Chelsey Carter, PhD

Inclusive Recruitment Strategies to Maximize Sociodemographic Diversity among Participants: A St. Louis Case Study

Chinenye M Okafor, MPH, MBBS

Association of Sociodemographic Characteristics With 1-Year Hospital Readmission Among Adults Aged 18 to 55 Years with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Eric K Layland, PhD, MS

Kept in the Closet: Structural Stigma and the Timing of Sexual Minority Developmental Milestones Across 28 European Countries

Ijeoma Opara, PhD, LMSW, MPH

Relationship between suicide ideation and attempts, bully victimization, dating violence, and depressive symptoms among Black and Hispanic youth

Kimberly Sue, MD, PhD

Perspectives of Clinicians and Staff at Community-Based Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Settings on Linkages with Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine Programs

Mariana Budge, BA

Black Adolescent Females’ Perceptions of PrEP for HIV Risk Reduction

Megan Feick, MD

A quality improvement approach to integrating social determinants of health objectives into pediatric simulation

Mytien Nguyen, MSc

Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Inequities in Receipt of Multiple National Institutes of Health Research Project Grants

Rachel Hennein, BS

Gender Discrimination and Mental Health Among Health Care Workers: Findings from a Mixed Methods Study

Rohan Khera, MD, MS

Lifetime healthcare expenses across demographic and cardiovascular risk groups: The application of a novel modeling strategy in a large multiethnic cohort study

Rohit Sangal, MD, MBA

Sociodemographic Disparities in Queue Jumping for Emergency Department Care

Terika McCall, PhD

Attitudes Toward Seeking Mental Health Services and Mobile Technology to Support the Management of Depression Among Black American Women: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

Review Panel

Alycia Santilli, MSW

Amos Smith, MSW

Ann Greene

Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS

Benjamin Oldfield, MD, MHS

Beverley Sheares, MD, MS

Carol Oladele, PhD, MPH

Carolyn Macica, PhD, MS

Cindy Crusto, PhD, MA

Daniel Sarpong, PhD, MS

Danya Keene, PhD, MAT

Jason Martinez, MS

Joanne McGolin, MDiv, MS, MBA

Josefa Martinez, PhD, MHS

Julia Einhorn, MPA

Karen Wang, MD, MHS

Katie Wang, PhD

Ke’ala Akau, MPH

Kieran O’Donnell, PhD, MSc

Kristen Nwanyanwu, MD, MBA, MHS

Kristina Talbert-Slagle, PhD

LaDrea Ingram, EDd, CHES


Linda Coleman, JD, CIP, CHC, CHRC, CCEP-I

Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHS

Maritza Bond, MPH

Mayur Desai, PhD, MPH

Melissa Lang, DrPH, MPH, MPA, MA

Nadine Horton

Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso, PharmD, MPH

Sakinah Suttiratana, PhD, MPH, MBA

Sandra Bulmer, PhD, MS

Sarah Christie, PhD, MPH

Sarwat Chaudhry, MD

Shirley Ellis-West, MSHS

Susan Nappi, MPH

Suzi Ruhl, JD, MPH

Tara Rizzo, MPH

Valentina Greco, PhD

Submitted by Tara M. Rizzo on January 31, 2024