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AI in Medicine Seminar Series

"AI in Medicine: Where we are and where it is going" with Dr. Chris Gange

This lecture starts with a brief discussion of AI in medicine and the general problem with increasing cognitive load for physicians. I will make the case that physicians need to advocate to use AI tools to reduce cognitive load in clinical work. I will then present several current radiology AI tools that we use at Yale and discuss how they impact our workflow.


• Discuss the current states of AI and Medicine

• Analyze how AI can help or hurt the situation and describe what physicians need to do to help

• Review how AI is currently used in Radiology and near future uses

I am a diagnostic radiologist with a specialization in thoracic radiology. My clinical work involves mostly reading chest CTs and chest X-rays. I have a background in engineering and this has led to an interest in medical informatics. I spend much of my administrative time working with IT to improve workflows in the radiology department as well as evaluating new products from outside vendors. I believe that it is important that physicians are directly involved in any IT projects that effect clinical practice.






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Lunch: Lunch (sandwiches and salad) will be provided.

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