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Physician-Scientist Track — AP

Information for Applicants

Dr. Rimm, MD, PhD, Director of the Physician Scientist Training Program (PST) and Director of Yale Pathology Tissue Services (YPTS).

Applicants seeking an investigative academic career have the opportunity to combine their residency training in Pathology with two or more years of post-doctoral level training in any of the research laboratories at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale University. Trainees may also combine their research training with a subspecialty Pathology fellowship of their choice.

Admission to this track requires acceptance into the Pathology Residency Program through the ACGME Match.

Features/Requirements of the Physician Scientist Training (PST) Program in Postgraduate Pathology - for Residents

  1. Admission to our ACGME residency program as either AP or AP/CP trainee. All admissions are through the Match.
  2. PST trainees must meet all residency requirements and ACGME milestones throughout their clinical training.
  3. PST trainees receive preferential consideration for the clinical fellowship of their choice.
  4. “Laboratory Shopping” is encouraged during the formal ACGME training period.
  5. While there are advantages to working closely with Faculty affiliated with Pathology, trainees may select any laboratory at Yale School of Medicine or Yale University in which to conduct their research, with approval from the PST program director.
  6. Trainees will be fully supported (salary) at the appropriate PGY level for the first two years of research training.
  7. Successful receipt of a research fellowship is NOT a requirement of the program. Support is guaranteed regardless of extramural funding, although PST trainees are required to apply for extramural funding.
  8. Trainees participate and present routinely at Departmental Research in Progress (RIP) seminars.
  9. Part-time laboratory research may be combined with subspecialty clinical fellowship training.