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Resident Placement

2019 Graduates

Marina Baine, MD, PhD – Thoracic Pathology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cameron Beech, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Ahmad Charifa, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Oregon Health & Science University
Kevin Pelland, MD – Renal/Genitourinary Pathology Fellowship, Yale University
Mohammadreza Shervinrad, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Stony Brook University
Xinyu Wu, MD, PhD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering

2018 Graduates

Peter Chen, MD, PhD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Michael Hwang, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, MD Anderson Cancer Center
John Paul Lavik, MD, PhD – Microbiology Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Ying-Chun Lo, MD, PhD – Thoracic/Pulmonary Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Sara Rutter, MD – Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, Yale University
Christopher Sebastian, MD – Molecular Pathology Fellowship, Yale University

2017 Graduates

Ian Baine, MD, PhD – Molecular Fellowship at Yale
Mark Benedict, MD – GI/Liver Fellowship at Yale
Hae Yoon (Grace) Choung, MD – Renal Fellowship at Columbia University
Joshua Jeanty, MD – Cytopathology Fellowship at Wayne State
William (Rob) Munday, MD – Dermatopathology Fellowship at UCLA
Natalie Patel, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship, 2017-2018 & GI/Liver Fellowship 2018-2019 at UCSD
Wade Schulz, MD, PhD – Transfusion Medicine Fellowship at Yale
Olivia Snir, MD – Breast/GYN Fellowship at Yale
Monika Vyas, MB, BS – Surgical Pathology Fellowship at MSKC
Parker Wilson, MD, PhD – Renal/GU Fellowship at Yale

2016 Graduates

Romulo Celli, MD – GI/Liver Fellowship at Yale
Jocelyn Chandler, MD – Cytology Fellowship at Yale
Steven Hardee, MD – Pediatric Pathology Fellowship at Texas Children’s Hospital
Julia Ross, MD, PhD – Surgical Pathology & Cytopathology Fellowship at Univ of Gainsville, FL

2015 Graduates

Rita Abi Raad, MD - Cytopathology Fellowship at Yale
Ahmed Al-Omari, MD – Dermatopath Fellowship at the Univ of Michigan in Ann Arbor
Agedi Boto, MD, PhD – Breast/GYN Fellowship at Yale
Ryan Carr, MD – Dermatopathology Fellowship at Ohio State University Medical Center
David Gibb, MD – Post-doctoral research in Immunology at Yale
Hedieh Honarpisheh, MD – Surgical Pathology Fellowship at MD Anderson
Sudhir Perincheri, MBBS, PhD – Hematopathology Fellowship at Yale

2014 Graduates

John Astle, MD – Research Fellowship at Yale
Rebecca Baldassarri, MD – Cytology Fellowship at Yale
Jane Bernstein, MD – Cytology Fellowship at Yale
Liying Fu, MD – Renal/GU Fellowship at Yale
Eric Gehrie, MD – Transfusion Medicine at Yale
Xiaoling Guo, MD, PhD – Molecular Diagnostics Fellowship at Yale
R. George Hauser, MD – Clinical Instructor at Yale
Caleb Ho, MD – Hematopathology Fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Melissa Much, MD – Hematopathology Fellowship at Yale
Christian Nixon, MD, PhD – Attending Physician (Asst. Professor), Rhode Island Hospital
Dianne Torrence, MD – Oncologic Surgical Pathology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Alison Van Dyke, MD, PhD – Pathology Fellowship, Univ of Pittsburgh