Brain Functional Organization, Connectivity, and Behavior


The program will consist of a combination of a number of outstanding international invited speakers and proffered papers. The aims are to cover the latest topics in functional MRI, with emphasis on connectivity mapping, provide training on the latest methods, and provide a forum for rich discussion on controversies, and future directions as well as on interpretations of new methods. Attendance will be limited to 80-100 attendees to ensure an intimate forum for discussion. The detailed program guide for the 3rd Scientific Whistler Workshop is available for download here.


Register before January 7, 2016 to take advantage of discounted early-bird registration fees. Online registration and payment is available.

Call for Papers

Abstract Deadline January 29, 2016.

There will be a limited number of proffered talks and posters on the following fMRI topics, including multimodality/neurophysiology; connectivity; networks and modeling; acquisition and analysis methods; functional neuroanatomy, and clinical applications.

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee includes R. Todd Constable, Ph.D. (Yale University), Danielle Bassett (University of Pennsylvania), Marvin Chun, Ph.D. (Yale University), Martijn van der Heuvel (University Medical Center Utrecht), Xiaoping Hu, Ph.D. (Emory University), Karla Miller, Ph.D. (Oxford University) and Bruce Pike, Ph.D (University of Calgary).

Dates and Location

Sunday, March 6, 2016 - Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Westin Hotel, Whistler, B.C. Canada.