Richard A Marottoli, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)

Research Interests

Aging; Automobile Driver Examination; Geriatrics

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Geriatric Medicine

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC)

Center for Neuroepidemiology and Clinical Neurological Research

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Richard Marottoli's research interests include the approaches clinicians can use to identify at-risk older drivers, interventions to lessen risk, and the factors contributing to, and the consequences of, driving cessation. Dr. Marottoli is a past–chairperson of the Committee on the Safe Mobility of Older Persons of the National Research Council’s Transportation Research Board.

Specialized Terms: At-risk older drivers; Driving cessation

Selected Publications

  • Satariano W, Guralnik J, Jackson R, Marottoli RA, Phelan E, Prohaska TR. Mobility and Aging: New Directions for Public Health Action. Am J Public Health. 2012; 102:1508-15
  • Marottoli RA. Coughlin JF. Walking the Tightrope: Developing a Systems Approach to Balance Safety and Mobility for an Aging Society. J Aging Social Policy. 2011;23:372-83
  • Vaz Fragoso CA, Araujo KLB, Van Ness PH, Marottoli RA. Sleep disturbances and adverse driving events in a predominantly male cohort of active older drivers. J Am Geriatric Soc. 2010; 58:1878-84.
  • Vaz Fragoso CA, Araujo KLB, Van Ness PHm Marottoli RA. Prevalence of Sleep Disturbances in a Cohort of Older Drivers. J Gerontol Med Sci. 715-23, 2008.
  • Marottoli RA, Van Ness PH, Araujo KLB, Iannone LP, Acampora D, Charpentier P, Peduzzi P. A Randomized Trial of an Education Program to Enhance Older Driver Performance. J Gerontol: Med Sci. 62A:1113-9, 2007.
  • Marottoli RA, Allore H, Araujo KLB, Iannone LP, Acampora D, Gottschalk M, Charpentier P, Kasl S, Peduzzi P. A Randomized Trial of a Physical Conditioning Program to Enhance the Driving Performance of Older Persons. J Gen Intern Med. 22:590-7, 2007.
  • Peduzzi P, Guo Z, Marottoli RA, Gil TM, Araujo K, Allore HG, Improved Self-confidence Was a Mechanizm of Action in Two Geriatric Trials Evaluating Patient Interventions. J. Clin Epidwmiol. 60:94-102, 2007.
  • Marottoli RA. de Leon CFM. Glass TA. Williams CS. Cooney LM Jr. Berkman LF. Consequences of driving cessation: decreased out–of–home activity levels. Journals of Gerontology Series B–Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences. 55(6):S334–40, 2000.

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