James David Dziura MPH, PhD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, of Medicine (Endocrinology) and of Public Health (Biostatistics); Deputy Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences

Current Projects

1. Gender related health differences in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (VA - Brandt)

2. ED disability diagnostic tool: A HIT feasibility study(AHRQ - Post)

3. Metabolic Markers and Predictors of Childhood Obesity (NIH - Caprio)

4. Randomized trial of parent training for young children with Autism (NIH - Scahill)

5. Impact of Protein on Bone Mass (NIH - Insogna)

6. Hyperactivity in Pervasive Developmental Disorder (NIH - Scahill)

7. Guanfacine for the Treatment of PDD (NIH - Scahill)

8. EtG for the measurement of recent alcohol consumption (NIH - O'Malley)

Research Summary

My research has focused primarily on the impact of obesity on health. In work conducted with Dr. Sonia Caprio, we have evaluated metabolic impairment in young obese children and have identified markers of this impairment and strategies to prevent. In emergency department and other primary care settings, we are investigating methods of identifying individuals at risk of complications from obesity and ways to manage obesity.

Selected Publications

  • Trial design challenges when combining medication and parent training in children with pervasive developmental disorders. Scahill L, Aman MG, McDougle CJ, Arnold LE, McCracken JT, Handen B, Johnson C, Dziura J, Butter E, Sukhodolsky D, Swiezy N, Mulick J, Stigler K, Bearss K, Ritz L, Wagner A, Vitiello B. J Autism Dev Disord. 2009 May;39(5):720-9. Epub 2008 Dec 19.
  • Effects of a weight management program on body composition and metabolic parameters in overweight children: a randomized controlled trial. Savoye M, Shaw M, Dziura J, Tamborlane WV, Rose P, Guandalini C, Goldberg-Gell R, Burgert TS, Cali AM, Weiss R, Caprio S. JAMA. 2007 Jun 27;297(24):2697-704.
  • A chitinase-like protein in the lung and circulation of patients with severe asthma. Chupp GL, Lee CG, Jarjour N, Shim YM, Holm CT, He S, Dziura JD, Reed J, Coyle AJ, Kiener P, Cullen M, Grandsaigne M, Dombret MC, Aubier M, Pretolani M, Elias JA. N Engl J Med. 2007 Nov 15;357(20):2016-27.
  • Wait-and-see prescription for the treatment of acute otitis media: a randomized controlled trial. Spiro DM, Tay KY, Arnold DH, Dziura JD, Baker MD, Shapiro ED. JAMA. 2006 Sep 13;296(10):1235-41.
  • Obesity and the metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents. Weiss R, Dziura J, Burgert TS, Tamborlane WV, Taksali SE, Yeckel CW, Allen K, Lopes M, Savoye M, Morrison J, Sherwin RS, Caprio S. N Engl J Med. 2004 Jun 3;350(23):2362-74.
  • Can physical activity attenuate aging-related weight loss in older people? The Yale Health and Aging Study, 1982-1994. Dziura J, Mendes de Leon C, Kasl S, DiPietro L. Am J Epidemiol. 2004 Apr 15;159(8):759-67.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in the elderly: possible role in insulin resistance. Petersen KF, Befroy D, Dufour S, Dziura J, Ariyan C, Rothman DL, DiPietro L, Cline GW, Shulman GI. Science. 2003 May 16;300(5622):1140-2.

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