Genomics & Proteomics

Amino Acid Analysis (Keck)Contact: J. Myron Crawford
Biophysics (Keck: light-scattering, calorimetry, fluorimetry, surface Plasmon resonance)Contact: Ewa Folta-Stogniew
Cytogenetics (Genetics, Department of)
DNA Sequencing (Keck)Contact: Nancy daSilva and Shrikant Mane
Next Generation Sequencing & Microarray Yale Center for Genome Analysis, YCGA (Keck)Contact: Shrikant Mane
Keck (W.M. Keck Foundation) Biotechnology Resource LaboratoryContact:Kenneth Williams and Shrikant Mane
Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry (Keck)Contact: Kathy Stone, Erol Gulcicek, Tukiet Lam, and Ken Williams
Oligonucleotide Synthesis (Keck)Contact: Joseph DeLuca and Shrikant Mane
Peptide Synthesis, large-scale (Keck)Contact: James I. Elliott
Peptide Synthesis, small-scale (Keck)Contact: Janet Crawford
Protein Profiling (Keck)Contact: Chris Colangelo
Protein Sequencing (Keck)Contact: J. Myron Crawford