Colloquium Series

In 2013, the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine launched a series of quarterly colloquia to run in parallel with each issue. The inaugural lecture was given by Dr. Tamas Horvath in April 2013. The colloquia are free and open to the public.



January 2017

Joan Steitz, PhD (Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute): “Lupus and Snurps: from Bedside to Bench and Back Again.”


September 2016

Andrew Goodman, PhD (Associate Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis Yale Microbial Sciences Institute): “Causes and Consequences of Microbiome Variation.”


July 2016

Carolyn Mazure, PhD (Norma Weinberg Spungen and Joan Lebson Bildner Professor of Psychiatry; Professor of Psychology; Director, Women's Health Research at Yale): “Playing the Woman's Card: Ensuring the Study of Sex and Gender Differences in Health Outcomes.”


April 2016

Stephen M. Strittmatter, MD, PhD (Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neuroscience; Director of Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration & Repair; Director of Memory Disorders Clinic; Director of Yale Alzheimer Disease Research Center): “The Attack of Aß Oligomers: Cellular Prion Protein as a Receptor for the Alzheimer’s Disease Trigger.”


January 2016

John Hwa, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Medicine [Cardiology]; Director of Cardiovascular Pharmacogenetics): “The Reemergence of Prostacyclin for Treating Diabetes Induced Thrombosis: hIP, SNiP, Cox & Vioxx.”



October 2015

Stephanie Samples O'Malley, PhD (Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Division of Substance Abuse Research in Psychiatry; Deputy Chair, Clinical Research): “Pharmacological Interventions to Support Moderation of Alcohol Drinking."



June 2015

Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD (Ensign Professor of Medical Oncology and Pharmacology; Chief of Medical Oncology, Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven; Associate Director for Translational Research, Yale Cancer Center): “Personalized Immunotherapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.”



March 2015

Fred R. Volkmar, MD (Irving B. Harris Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Psychology): “Understanding the Social Brain in Autism.”



February 2015

Akiko Iwasaki, PhD (Professor of Immunobiology and Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology; Howard Hughes Medical Investigator): “Innate and Adaptive Defense Against Viruses.”



November 2014

Asghar Rastegar, MD (Professor of Medicine; Director, Office of Global Health, Department of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine; Chief, Fitkin Firm, Yale-New Haven Hospital): “Building Human Capacity for Health in Resource-Poor Regions.”



June 2014

Gerald I. Shulman, MD, PhD (George R. Cowgill Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology) and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute): “Cellular Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance: Implications for Obesity, Lipodystrophy and Type 2 Diabetes."



March 2014

James E. Rothman, PhD (Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine; Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Cell Biology and Professor of Chemistry and Residential College Associate Fellow in Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Chairman, Department of Cell Biology; Director, Nanobiology Institute ): “Membrane Fusion in the Cell."



January 2014

W. Mark Saltzman (Goizueta Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and of Chemical Engineering; Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering): “Nanotechnology for Delivery of Genes and Gene-modifying Agents."



October 2013

Ellen Matloff (Research Scientist in Genetics; Director, Cancer Genetic Counseling): “Gene Patenting and the SCOTUS Decision."



June 2013

Dr. Ronald S. Duman (Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Neurobiology; Director, Division of Molecular Psychiatry and Abraham Ribicoff Research Facilities): “Neurobiology of Stress, Depression, and Antidepressants: Remodeling Synaptic Connections.”



April 2013

Dr. Tomas Horvath (Professor & Chair, Section of Comparative Medicine, Jean and David W. Wallace Professor of Biomedical Science, Professor of Neurobiology and Ob/Gyn Director, Yale Program in Integrative Cell Signaling and Neurobiology of Metabolism): “Hypothalamic Hunger-Promoting Neurons Regulate Higher Brain Functions and Longevity.”