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Collaborations with Other Institutions


Yale is a member of TRICON, the Northeast Regional CTSA Consortium. This group collaborates on training opportunities for investigators and coordinators, regional databases of facilities, and other shared resources and expertise.

TRICON Member Institutions

Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico

In this newly created program, students accepted into the MD program at the University of Puerto Rico Medical School can enroll in Yale’s Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences to obtain their PhD. The training and mentoring they receive at Yale will prepare them for careers as physician-scientists who have an impact on health care in the United States and globally.

Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust

YCCI is collaborating with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust to conduct Yale-led clinical trials in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI)

SPIRiT Consortium

The SPIRiT Consortium is a partnership among several CTSA institutions to foster collaborations and support crosscutting translational research. Each year, the Consortium selects a broad-based high impact project that is conducted by one or more investigators at each of the six SPIRiT sites to receive funding.

SPIRiT Consortium Members

Yale/Rockefeller Scholar Research Day

YCCI and the Rockefeller University established an annual Scholar Research Day in 2009 that alternately takes place at each institution. This event features a keynote speech by a guest lecturer, presentations by YCCI and Rockefeller Scholars, and a poster session. It provides an opportunity for Scholars to learn from experienced researchers at other institutions as well as collaborate with their peers.