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The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) broadly defines “community” to include a wide range of stakeholders connected to clinical and translational research, both within and outside the University. In the Yale context, stakeholders include patients from diverse ethnic backgrounds; physicians from the community; community health centers, other organizations, and faith-based and advocacy groups such as the AME Zion Church and Junta for Progressive Action, leaders in New Haven’s large African-American and Latino communities; other educational institutions, including those in the CTSA network; and industry partners. Efforts to engage this community have been helped by Yale’s compact and interconnected campus and by the small geographic size of the New Haven area and the State of Connecticut.

These factors have facilitated the creating of interactive, highly productive multidisciplinary teams for translational and clinical research. During the next grant cycle, YCCI will build on this foundation by implementing novel multidisciplinary initiatives that draw upon Yale’s strengths in education, community focused research and engagement, public health, population science, outcomes research, and IT/informatics.