Endometrium and Metabolism

What is the purpose of this trial?

We are investigating the effect of metabolism on endometrial growth and its possible role in abnormal proliferation of the endometrium. There are concerns that cancer cells are able to use the body’s metabolic pathways to their advantage, and we are hoping to understand this process better. This study is asking eligible women to participate in metabolic tests and MRI analysis, and to donate a small piece of their endometrial tissue so that a comparison made be made between women who have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer or hyperplasia, and those who have not.

National Institutes of Health

Start Date: 12/14/2018

End Date: 11/30/2021

Last Updated: 04/22/2019

Study HIC#: 2000020045

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Emily Xiao

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Clare Flannery

Principal Investigator