MR-US Image Fusion Targeted Biopsy for Single-cell Prostate Cancer Research

What is the purpose of this trial?

We hypothesize that this single-cell analysis can be used to evaluate prostate needle-core biopsies prospectively even in non-homogenous samples by providing profiles of proteomic and phenotypic signatures. the Artemis system will be used to collect one extra research biopsy from each ROI. An average of 2 ROIs are identified for each case; therefore an average of 2 additional biopsies would be required for this research study. These research biopsies will not affect prostate biopsies collected as part of standard clinical care.

Participation Guidelines

Ages: 18 - 80 years

Gender: Male only

Yale University School of Medicine

Start Date: 06/24/2013

End Date: 07/01/2017

Last Updated: 02/22/2018

Study HIC#: 1304011902

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Marta Boeke
+1 203-785-2863

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Preston C. Sprenkle

Principal Investigator