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How to Help

The question is, why wait? We need to discover and develop new medication to provide tools for clinicians and treatment options for people living with obesity. We are all in this together, participants, researchers, patients, clinicians. Together, we can move forward on every front. Join us!

  • Participants:

    Are you interested in being part of this incredible movement, of helping us to discover new treatment that may help you and others living with obesity? Learn about the trial that are ongoing at Y-Weight and across Yale with Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) and help us discover! You can search for a trial here at Yale through the trials below, email us at or view a list of clinical trials.
  • Researchers:

    In the next several decades of medical investigation, obesity research will be at the forefront of medical innovation. There are many novel treatment mechanisms to explore and target, new molecules, and different methods of delivery to examine. There is so much work to be done and the impact we may have on the world's health will be transformative.

  • Patients:

    There is a complex biology underlying obesity - it is not a disease you chose to have. We can help you at the Yale Center for Weight Management and the Yale Pediatric Weight Solutions Program. We will help you wherever you are in your weight and health journey. We will provide you with the information about the current available treatment options and help you develop a care plan that works for you and your needs.

    Call the Yale Center for Weight Management or the Yale Pediatric Weight Solutions Program to help you or your child with the next steps on your health and weight journey.

  • Media:

    Let’s work together to spread the message about treating obesity as we treat any other complex, chronic disease. It is time for all of us to thoughtfully and intentionally communicate about obesity and obesity care. Obesity currently carries stigma and bias, and our patients have unfairly faced shame and blame for a disease they did not chose to have. If we all begin to be aware and recognize that stigma, and actively work to eliminate it from images, videos, writing, and messaging we can begin to change the landscape to one of truth, hope, and support.

    Let’s work together to help eliminate bias and change the world for all people living with obesity. For additional resources, see the Obesity Action Coalition website.

  • Caregivers:

    Thank you for providing compassionate care to patients living with obesity. If you are new to obesity treatment and care, there are many resources to help you learn about new tools and overall obesity care. There are courses such as the Boston Course in Obesity Medicine, the Columbia-Cornell Obesity Course, the Advanced Therapies in Pediatric Obesity, The Obesity Society (TOS) Grand Rounds series (free to members) and TOS on-demand educational offerings. If you are interested in becoming board certified in obesity medicine, the American Board of Obesity Medicine has a comprehensive website where you can learn more about the board certification process. If you are interested in helping us further the science of obesity and developing novel therapies for obesity treatment, please refer patients with obesity to Y-Weight if they are interested in participating in our studies. If you would like to refer patients for obesity treatment outside of your practice, you can refer adults to the Yale Center for Weight Management and pediatric patients to the Yale Pediatric Weight Solutions Clinic.