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Agenda 2024

2024 Symposium: From Novelty to Sustainability – How to Embed Virtual Care into the Post-Pandemic Healthcare Delivery Template

March 13, 2024 Time: 1-5PM EST


Time Topic Moderator
1-1:10pm Yale Welcome/Intro Lee Schwamm, MD
1:10-2:00pm Al & Technology Enabled Clinical Workflow Redesign Lee Schwamm, MD
2:00-2:05pm 5 min break/transition
2:05-2:55pm Virtual Primary Care John D. Scott, MD
2:55-3:00pm 5 min break/transition
3:00-3:50pm Selling the ROl for Virtual Care Judd Hollander, MD
3:50-3:55pm 5 min break/transition
3:55-4:45pm Leveraging Community Spaces to Expand Virtual Care Access Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD
4:45-5:00pm Q&A/Closing Remarks Lee Schwamm, MD