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The Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Consortium

Our goal is to provide multidisciplinary recommendations for the management of peritoneal surface malignancies across various disease sites. The management of peritoneal surface malignancies remains controversial and poorly represented in national guidelines. Recognizing the need for increased awareness and appropriate management of peritoneal surface disease, our guidelines are meticulously developed with contributions from an esteemed array of PSM experts. Our collaborators include surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, palliative care specialists, pharmacists, and nursing. We are also privileged to have the input of patient care organizations, advocacy groups, and renowned societies including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the Society of Surgical Oncology, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.


  • Develop and disseminate PSM clinical pathways by Delphian consensus that may serve as guidelines to improve the management and outcomes of patients with peritoneal surface malignancies.
  • Conduct comprehensive scoping reviews to address research questions pertaining to specific disease sites within the spectrum of peritoneal surface malignancies
  • Develop and implement an academically rigorous educational curriculum encompassing specialized coursework in peritoneal surface malignancies, including residents and fellows.

Our work has the potential to impact not only the scientific community but also to resonate with the wider public. We aim to make our research accessible to scientific meetings and professional societies, including the SSO, ASCO, and NCCN. Below is a projection of our upcoming timeline of events or use this PDF version. For further information on our research initiatives and publications, please explore our website.

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