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Latest Surgery News & Announcements

  • Understanding the Risks of Surgery in Older Adults

    In a Q&A, Yi Wang, PhD, postdoctoral associate (geriatrics) at Yale School of Medicine, discusses the inspiration behind his research, the importance of recognizing frailty and dementia in older persons before surgery, and his goal of helping older adults maintain health and independence.

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  • What's the ZYN nicotine trend—and how should doctors prepare for bad outcomes?

    Ingesting nicotine this way comes with its own set of concerns. “Absorption through the mouth over time is concerning because it maintains nicotine levels in the body and could lead to addiction and potentially the desire or need for more or higher doses,” says Vincent Mase, MD, FACS, a thoracic surgeon at Yale Cancer Center and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Yale School of Medicine.

    Source: MDLinx
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  • Humble Healers

    In a profession where success is measured not only by medical breakthroughs but also by the lives touched and the suffering alleviated, this day celebrates the profound impact of each and every doctor.

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  • Department Cracks Blue Ridge Top 20

    The Department of Surgery ranks 16th in the nation for NIH funding, with an allocation of $11.18 million, according to the Blue Ridge Report for 2023. The achievement exceeds a goal set by the department back in 2018, aiming to elevate its research standing into the top 20 within five years. The accomplishment marks a substantial leap from its previous position at #42, where it had less than $2 million in NIH funding — a testament to strategic planning and steadfast dedication of the department's research team.

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