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Fellowship Program

Program Structure

The training program in Pediatric Surgery at Yale University and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital is an ACGME/RRC-approved 2-year fellowship. The Fellowship is intended for surgeons who have completed a full residency in General Surgery and who wish to pursue a career in Pediatric Surgery.

The Fellowship training program emphasizes graded responsibility as the resident progresses through the 2-year Program, assuming more and more independence with seniority. Every patient, whether electively referred or originating in the Emergency Room or Clinic, has an attending responsible for all aspects of the child's care. Attending supervision of patient care complies strictly with ACGME guidelines for resident supervision.

Pediatric surgical patients, wherever hospitalized within the institution, are the responsibility of the Pediatric Surgery Service. In the critical care environments (NICU and PICU) collaborative working relationships are encouraged. The Pediatric Surgery Fellow is responsible for the daily work on the Service and its administrative organization. He/she is the principal surgical consultative resource to the hospital. This comprehensive assignment includes organization of most conferences and assignment of resident and medical students to the daily list of operations. The Fellow is responsible for overseeing all consultations in the emergency room, wards, and clinics, generally after an initial evaluation by a junior house officer or Advanced Practice Nurse.

Contact Information

Program Director:

Robert A. Cowles, M.D.

Office Address:
Yale School of Medicine 

333 Cedar Street, PO BOX 208062 

New Haven CT 06520-8062 

Office Phone #: 203.785.2701
Office Fax #: 203.785.3820

Program Coordinator:

Sema Webb

Office Address:

Yale School of Medicine 

333 Cedar Street, PO BOX 208062 

New Haven CT 06520-8062 

Office Phone #: 203.785.2561
Office Fax #: 203.785.7556

Educational Conferences

  • Morning Rounds with the Pediatric Surgery Attending of the Week
  • Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds and Curriculum Conference
  • Tumor Board
  • Pediatric Trauma Conference
  • Pediatric Surgery Quality Improvement Conference (Morbidity and Mortality)
  • Pediatric Surgery/Radiology/Pathology Conference
  • Pediatric Surgery/Gastroenterology Conference
  • Research Conference
  • Fetal Board

Clinical Activity

Outpatient Clinic
All outpatient activities related to the fellowship program occur in the Specialty Clinic space on the 2nd Floor of the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. The Pediatric Surgery Fellow and General Surgery Residents participate in the outpatient clinic. The Fellow is expected to attend one half-day clinic session per week and should track the types of cases seen. Surgery is scheduled by the Fellow/Attending team during these office hours. This allows an opportunity for residents and the Fellow to see patients preoperatively and follow them postoperatively. It also allows attending input and supervision of outpatient activities.

Inpatient Care
All inpatient activities take place either in the operating rooms, emergency department, or within the Hospital. The Pediatric Surgery Fellow is joined by one PGY3 resident and one or two PGY1 residents from the Yale General Surgery Residency Program and by two or three Advanced Practice Nurses as part of the inpatient care team. There are separate pediatric ORs that are staffed by Pediatric Anesthesiologists 7 days/week and 24 hours/day. The exact numbers and types of operations vary from year to year but the Fellow performs approximately 1000 major cases over the course of two years. Exact numbers and case distributions are available on request. The most recent ACGME/RRC program review resulted in full accreditation for four years.