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Department of Surgery Seed Grant Helps Faculty to Develop, Initiate Clinical Trials

September 13, 2022
by Cecelia Smith

The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce the rollout of the 2022 Clinical Study Seed Grant. The $5K award is designed to support faculty members in their efforts to initiate patient-related clinical investigations. Up to five faculty proposals will be selected for funding.

“The department is committed to supporting proposals that have the potential to develop into larger studies, and to help our faculty obtain sustainable, external funding and support,” said Vice Chair of Research, Dr. Peter Gruber.

The funding mechanism is consistent with the Department’s strategic effort to promote scientific clusters of excellence, and the development of future surgeon-scientists.

“Projects that aim to advance team-based science and mentorship of surgical trainees will be prioritized.”

Letters of intent are due Monday, Oct. 17. Project funding will begin in late October. Additional details are included in the Clinical Study Seed Grant prospectus.

Submitted by Stevi Kramer on September 13, 2022