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The clinical research at the Aortic Institute spans over two decades and includes thousands of patient cases and hundreds of published scientific studies.

A sampling of our milestones at the Aortic Institute include the following:

  1. Established one of the largest thoracic aortic databases and developed a massive tissue bank for thoracic aortic specimens.
  2. Determined the size at which thoracic aorta ruptures or dissects, permitting evidence based criteria for surgical intervention, which are now used throughout the world
  3. Identified the inherited, genetic nature of thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection
  4. Developed the first general blood screening test for aortic aneurysm – The “RNA Signature” test for thoracic aortic aneurysm.
  5. Located specific mutations that underlie thoracic aneurysm disease
  6. Identified the benefit of statin drugs in preventing the progression and complications of aortic aneurysm
  7. Developed a novel spinal “cooling catheter” to prevent paraplegia in aortic surgery
  8. Demonstrated the safety of “deep hypothermic circulatory arrest” for brain preservation during aortic arch surgery
  9. Developed a comprehensive whole-exome sequencing test for all mutations known to cause aortic aneurysm – done from your saliva.