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Education Council

Vision, Mission Statement, and Goals

The vision of the Education Council includes education resources sharing, interdisciplinary education, and advocacy for high-quality training. We strive to create opportunities for collaboration among the individual divisions, departments, and specialties at Yale—each with academic innovations and resources for enriching the YNHH training community. Just as quality patient care entails joint ventures, we believe training on the highest level encompasses collaborative learning.


  1. Educational Resource Sharing:We recognize curricular innovations take place in individual divisions, departments, and specialties at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Our mission is to improve cross-disciplinary sharing of educational curricula to enhance teaching in graduate programs across specialties.
  2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Patient care does not take place in isolation. Our mission is to facilitate cross-disciplinary educational activities to enhance interdisciplinary communication and training.
  3. Advocacy for High Quality Training: Residents and fellows enter into an educational contract with their institutions, with an implicit understanding they will have access to high-quality training. Our mission is to serve as a resource and forum for trainees to advocate for their own education.

Upcoming Events

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Council Leaders

  • Faculty Advisor

    Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases); Associate DIO; GME Director, Educator Development, Department of Medicine; Associate, Teaching and Learning Center; Associate Chair for Education and Academic Affairs, Internal Medicine; Director of YMS Coaching Program , Office of Curriculum

  • Faculty Advisor

    Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics); Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, General Pediatrics; Director of the Center for Medical Education, Pediatrics