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Faculty Network Spotlight: NGN

March 08, 2023
by Divya Gumudavelly and Evelyn Hsieh

The world is amidst an epidemiological transition– where the global burden of diseases is shifting from infectious diseases to noncommunicable diseases. In recognizing a need to bridge the gaps in global NCD research, treatment, and capacity, the Yale Network for Global Noncommunicable Disease (Yale NGN) was established in 2016. The Network was the first of its kind at Yale. It is a transdisciplinary collaborative consisting of faculty across the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, and Nursing, as well as graduate and postdoctoral level trainees. Together, members of NGN spearhead research efforts impacting communities in Asia, East Africa, the Pacific Islands, and beyond. A major goal of the network is to provide peer mentorship and support, as well as collaborative opportunities, to help overcome unique challenges that come with building a career focused on global NCDs.

Over the past seven years, NGN has grown from a core group of 7 faculty members to a network of over 25 faculty with broad content and methodologic expertise relevant to the field of global NCDs. NGN’s inaugural event was a university-wide symposium (Fostering Cross-Campus Collaboration at Yale on the Global Non-Communicable Disease Crisis) supported by the MacMillan Center Kempf Memorial Fund, the Global Health Leadership Institute, and the Yale Institute for Network Science. Since that time, NGN has also hosted several invited speakers and networking events. Members of the NGN Faculty Network convene bimonthly to share their research, discuss additional ways to grow the network, and engage in collaborative projects both internally and with external organizations such as the WHO and World Bank. Projects presented in 2022-23 academic year include Integrating Mental Health Services within Urban Ugandan HIV Clinics, Emergency Medicine Preparedness in Armenia, and mHealth Interventions to improve Holistic Health Outcomes.

NGN faculty have secured numerous internal and external grants from federal agencies and foundations; notably at Yale, NGN members have had a robust track record of funding through the YIGH Spark Award and Hecht Faculty Network Awards.

Spark Awards: Ashley Hagaman, Sarah Lowe,
Sharon Chekijian
Spark Awards: Nicola Hawley
Hecht Award: Carol Oladele and Mayur Desai
Spark Awards: Anna Rivara, Morgan Prust
Hecht Award: NGN
Hecht Award: NGN (Schwartz, Ngaruiya, 
Hawley, Rabin, Hsieh)
NGN Symposium + Launch
NGN Origins

The network welcomes new members! Interested faculty or fellows may reach out to Evelyn Hsieh (, network lead, for further information on how to join.

Submitted by Alyssa Cruz on March 09, 2023