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Transitions Clinic

The Transitions Clinic programs in Connecticut are part of a growing national consortium of over 40 primary care centers, the Transitions Clinic Network (TCN), that serve the health and social needs of individuals recently released from incarceration. Each clinic has a culturally-competent healthcare provider with experience working with individuals impacted by incarceration as well as a community health worker who has been personally incarcerated.

Research has demonstrated that the TCN program has been associated with lower emergency department utilization, decreased odds of reincarceration, and lower incarceration days. Further, when patients are referred directly by correctional systems to TCN programs, they have fewer acute care visits.

For individuals interested in an appointment with our clinic within Connecticut, you can contact Monya Saunders (New Haven) at 203-492-9763, Latoya Benton (Bridgeport) at 203-907-8141, and Kelvin Young (Hartford) at 860-936-1726.