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STEP Learning Collaborative Trains First Cohort of Healthcare Leaders

June 13, 2023

The STEP Learning Collaborative has trained its first cohort of 25 healthcare leaders and managers as part of its mission to expand access and care to people and families impacted by recent onset psychosis in Connecticut.

The six-session course, “Overview of Early Intervention Services (EIS) for Schizophrenia,” trained participants in the research evidence, structures, processes, and outcomes that can guide program implementation.

With this training, the healthcare representatives can prepare their organizations to participate in an emerging statewide system of care for people with recent onset psychotic disorders.

The course was developed and led by Vinod Srihari, MD, professor of psychiatry and director of the STEP Program at Yale School of Medicine, and Laura Yoviene Sykes, PhD, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry and director of the STEP Learning Collaborative.

“The implementation of this course has been an exciting step toward expanding upon the talent and expertise that already exists in the state, which is in service of our overall vision of transforming access and care quality for those impacted by early psychosis in Connecticut,” Yoviene Sykes said.

STEP is a collaborative program of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services and Yale Department of Psychiatry. Its interdisciplinary team of mental health providers seeks to provide comprehensive care for people early in the course of a psychotic illness.

The STEP Learning Collaborative is a workforce development and community education initiative dedicated to transforming access, care quality, and outcomes for people and their families impacted by recent onset psychosis.

Please click here for more information on the course.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on June 13, 2023