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Care Transition

Folks transition from STEP for a variety of reasons such as completing the course of STEP treatment, moving out of the area, deciding to pursue alternative treatment, etc. Regardless of the reason, a transition of care works best when it’s a collaborative process between the STEP patient, their supports, and treatment team in which all parties work together to find an appropriate and individualized referral to another outpatient provider (e.g., behavioral health, primary care, LMHA).

With the patient’s permission, the STEP team will work with the receiving provider to facilitate a “warm handoff” which may include a joint meeting and the sharing of helpful clinical information to ensure a smooth transition of care.

The STEP team will also actively strive to troubleshoot any issues that arise in the care transition process 3 months post discharge from STEP.

STEP provides ongoing opportunities for tele-consultation with receiving providers through the STEP Learning Collaborative’s – Early Psychosis ECHO.