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What is Psychosis?

A person who is suffering from an episode of psychosis can experience alteration in their perceptions of reality and can have difficulty thinking clearly as they normally would. When someone is affected in this way they may have unusual or strange ideas, they may hear or see things which are not there and they may have problems managing their emotions.

Psychosis is most likely to occur in young adults and is quite common. Around 3 out of every 100 young people will experience a psychotic episode. Most make a full recovery from the experience. Psychosis can happen to anyone. An episode of psychosis is treatable, and it is possible to recover. It is widely accepted that the earlier people get help the better the outcome. 25% of people who develop psychosis will never have another episode, another 50% may have more than one episode but will be able to live normal lives. Some people who develop psychosis may need ongoing support and treatment throughout their lives.