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The 2nd International Conference on Applications of Neuroimaging to Alcoholism (ICANA-2) was held on the Medical Campus of Yale University in New Haven, CT, USA on January 19-20, 2008, and was hosted by the CTNA.

Day 1: Saturday, January 19, 2008

Overviews - Abstracts

  • John Krystal, Director NIAAA Center for the Translational Neuroscience of Alcoholism (CTNA): Welcome
  • Ting-Kai Li, Director NIAAA: Imaging in Alcoholism
  • Adolf Pfefferbaum: Keynote Speaker: Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging in Alcoholism

PET-SPECT - Chair - Anissa Abi-Dargham - Abstracts

  • Richard Carson: The future of high resolution PET imaging
  • Mack Laurelle: Imaging receptor trafficking
  • Julie Staley: Delineating the regulatory effects of alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking on brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptor availability
  • David Nutt: Imaging the GABA-A benzodiazepine system in alcohol dependence
  • Kelly Cosgrove: SPECT imaging of GABA-A, benzodiazepine receptors during acute and prolonged withdrawal from chronic alcohol consumption in nonhuman primates
  • Gary Wand: Treatment implications of opiate receptor binding-PET
  • Diana Martinez: PET imaging of the serotonin transporters and 5HT-1A receptors in alcohol dependence

PET - Posters - Abstracts

  • Panayotis Thanos: In-vivo changes in brain glucose metabolism and dopamine D2 receptor availability in response to acute ethanol binge drinking in rats
  • Anderson Mon: Comparison of cerebral perfusion changes in non-smoking and smoking recovering alcoholics
  • Kelly Cosgrove: [123I]Beta-CIT imaging of DAT and SERT availability in heavy alcohol drinkers during acute withdrawal
  • Irina Esterlis: [123I]Iomazenil SPECT imaging of benzodiazepine receptor availability in long term sober alcohol dependent subjects
  • Markus Storvik: Serotonin receptors and transporters in alcohol dependence (measured with autoradiography)

MRI/DTI/MRS - Chair - Graeme Mason - Abstracts

  • Brian Schweinsburg: Exploring the relationship between white matter fiber integrity and computational morphometry of gray matter across a range of alcohol exposure
  • Dieter Meyerhoff: MRI and DTI guided spectroscopic imaging in alcoholism
  • Graeme Mason: Acute effects of nicotine and ethanol on brain GABA
  • Elfar Adalsteinsson: In vivo MR approaches for tracking the effects of scheduled alcohol exposure on brain structure and chemistry in a rodent model
  • Armin Biller: Early brain recovery associated with abstinence from alcoholism

MRI/DTI/MRS Posters - Abstracts

  • Joanna Jacobus: Altered brain metabolism in alcoholic individuals with self-reported history of withdrawal seizures
  • Karen Hanson: Hippocampal volumes in adolescents with and without a family history of alcoholism
  • Graham Flory: Regional variability in the non-human primate brain ethanol magnetic resonance spectrum
  • Stefan Gazdzinski: Are treated alcoholics representative of the entire population with alcohol use disorders? - A brain magnetic resonance study
  • Timothy Durazzo: Magnetic resonance derived and neuropsychological predictors of relapse in treatment seeking alcoholics
  • Scott Parnell: Early gestational ethanol exposure in mice results in brain abnormalities as demonstrated by high-resolution MRI
  • Dawn Thatcher: Prefrontal white matter organization, executive cognitive functioning and alcohol use disorders in adolescents
  • Timothy McQueeny: Altered white matter fiber integrity in adolescent binge drinkers

fMRI - Chair - Edith Sullivan - Abstracts

  • Edith Sullivan: Imaging alcoholism through the ages
  • Gregory Brown: Measuring cerebral blood flow with arterial spin labeling: Brain activation and hemodynamic confounds
  • Marlene Oscar-Berman: Anatomical deficits in alcoholism

fMRI Posters - Abstracts

  • Young-Chul Jung: Defects in shifting performance strategy of alcoholics: Functional connectivity analysis of anterior cingulate cortex
  • Shashwath Meda: Alcohol dose effects on brain circuits during simulated driving: An fMRI study
  • Chiang-shan Ray Li: Cognitive control and alcohol dependence - A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of the stop signal task
  • Ryan Trim: Alcohol effects on brain activation in matched low and high level responders to alcohol
  • Andria Norman: An fMRI study of adolescent inhibitory processing prior to the initiation of substance use
  • Claudia Padula: Spatial working memory in adolescent binge drinkers: An fMRI study
  • Alecia Schweinsburg: Adolescent binge drinkers show altered fMRI response during verbal encoding
  • Suchismita Ray: fMRI bold response to emotional, alcohol, marijuana and drug related picture cues in mandated college students
  • Ashley Smith: Limbic system activation by rewards and losses in detoxified alcoholics: Anticipation, receipt and frustration
  • Jodi Gilman: Why we drink alcohol: Striatal activation to intravenous alcohol administration and its modulation by emotionally affective stimuli
  • Megan Davis: Cognitive and emotional processing of affective stimuli in alcohol dependent patients and healthy controls
  • Allyssa Allen: Effect of alcohol on performance on visual oddball task: An fMRI study
  • Beth M. Turner: Neural circuitry underlying the effects of alcohol on impulsivity
  • Andre Thomas: Anticipation of rewards: Activation differences in current and former cocaine users using a monetary incentive delay task
  • Gregory Book: Reward processing in social competitive task in subjects with familial history of alcoholism
  • Melissa Andrews: Differences in reward circuit activation in people with a family history of alcoholism

Day 2: Sunday, January 20, 2008

Multi-Modal Imaging: Striatum and Reward - Chair - Andreas Heinz - Abstracts

  • Anne Lingford-Hughes: The opiod system in alcohol dependence
  • Derik Hermann: Blockade of cue-induced brain activation of abstinent alcoholics by a single administration of amisulpride as measured by fMRI
  • Daniel Hommer: Risk, expectation, work and reward: The plot get more complicated
  • Ahmad Hariri: Genetic variation in components of dopamine neurotransmission impacts ventral striatal reactivity associated with impulsivity
  • Godfrey Pearlson: Reward circuit abnormalities and family history of alcoholism: Comparison to psychostimulant abusers. Is impulsivity at the root of the problem?
  • Andreas Heinz: Dysfunction of reward processing correlates with alcohol craving in detoxified alcoholics
  • Michael Smolka: Effect of acamprosate and naltrexone on fMRI bold response to alcohol related stimuli
  • Anissa Abi-Dargham: Imaging dopamine release in at risk subjects for alcoholism: New probes and new challenges
  • Dean Wong: In vivo(DA) PET measures in healthy adults with a family history of alcoholism
  • David Kareken: Ventral striatal change in dopamine as a function of alcohol, alcohol cues and expectations

Brain Development Toward Addiction - Chair - Terry Jernigan- Abstracts

  • Rebecca Jones: Functional development of reward circuitry
  • Elizabeth Sowell: Brain imaging in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
  • Susan Tapert: Brain function in adolescent heavy drinkers
  • Jose Javier Miguel-Hidago: Glial neuropathology of alcoholism in the prefrontal cortex
  • Shirley Hill: Volumetric differences in cerebellum, amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex in association with susceptibility for alcohol dependence
  • Bernice Porjesz: Neural oscillations and genes involved in risk for alcohol dependence and related disorders