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The International Conference on Applications of Neuroimaging to Alcoholism (ICANA) was held on the Medical Campus of Yale University in New Haven, CT, USA on January 17-19, 2004. And was hosted by the CTNA. Sessions combined methodology and applications to alcoholism and will highlight MRI, fMRI, DTI, MRS, PET, and SPECT research.

ICANA received international attention with the publication of an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association describing the highlights of the conference (Vastag B, Brain sabotages sobriety, right on cue. JAMA 2004; 291: 1053-1055).

Day 1: Saturday, January 17, 2004

Overviews - Abstracts

  • T. K. Li, Director NIAAA: Genetic and environmental influences on alcohol drinking behavior (Slides)
  • Adolf Pfefferbaum, Keynote Speaker: Synthesis of neuroimaging applications in alcoholism
  • David Goldman: Imaging genetics and brain function

MRI/DTI - Chair - Daniel Mathalon - Abstracts

  • Arthur Toga: Mapping morphological concomitants to brain disease
  • Derek Jones: Diffusion Tensor MRI - what can it tell us about white matter in alcoholism? (Slides)
  • Hannu Aronen: Volumetric studies in alcoholism and psychopathology: A focus on medial temporal lobe structures (Slides)
  • Daniel Hommer: Brain growth and shrinkage (Slides)
  • Neuroanatomical effects of alcohol exposure in development and adulthood Terry Jernigan:(Slides)

MRI Posters - Abstracts

  • EA DeBruin: Possible brain damage in social drinkers
  • Gazdzinski: Rates of recovery of total brain tissue volume during abstinence

MRS - Chair - Graeme Mason - Abstracts

  • Graeme Mason: Methodology of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (Slides)
  • Martin Bendszus: 1H MR spectroscopy and MR morphometry in early sobriety: Correlation with neuropsychological data (Slides)
  • Hoby Hetherington: Alcohol transport and MRS visibility in the brain (Slides)
  • Brian Ross: Direct or indirect? Distinguishing hepatic from alcoholic encephalopathy (Slides)
  • Dieter Meyerhoff: Brain spectroscopic imaging, morphometry and cognition in recovering alcoholics and active heavy drinkers (Slides)
  • Brain abnormalities in chronic adult alcoholics measured with proton MR spectroscopy Michael Taylor:(Slides)

MRS - Posters - Abstracts

  • Brian Schweinsburg: Neurochemical correlates of blood oxygen level dependent signal changes in abstinent alcoholics

Day 2: Sunday, January 18, 2004

  • Stephanie O'Malley: Introduction
  • David Goldman: Imaging genetics and brain function

fMRI - Chair - Daniel Hommer - Abstracts

  • Edith Sullivan: Executive cognitive function in alcoholism: Insight from fMRI (Slides)
  • Daniel Mathalon: Automatic processing of alcohol cues in chronic alcoholism: ERP and fMRI
  • Hugh Myrick: Role of functional imaging in the assessment of craving for alcohol (Slides)
  • Susan Tapert: fMRI studies in adolescents with alcohol use disorders (Slides)
  • Motivation in alcoholism Daniel Hommer:(Slides)

fMRI -Posters - Abstracts

  • Valerie Cestone Barlett: Neural response to a visual working memory fMRI task in adolescents with comorbid alcohol use disorder and conduct disorder
  • Lisa Caldwell: Neural response to working memory in male and female teens with alcohol use disorders
  • Vince Calhoun: Intoxication effects on fMRI studies of simulated driving: ICA reveals disruption in synchronous networks
  • Judith Ford: A method to assess speed of hemodynamic response in alcoholism
  • Nicole Giuliani: Alcohol versus marinol intoxication effects on visual perception
  • Karyn Groth: Visual attention and functional neuroimaging
  • David Kareken: Mesolimbic response to alcohol olfactory cues in high risk drinkers
  • Carmen Pulido: Drinking characteristics correlate with bold response during a visual working memory task
  • Alecia Schweinsburg: fMRI response differences between adolescents and adults with alcohol use disorders
  • Michael Smolka: Emotional valence of alcohol associated stimuli and cue-induced bold activation
  • Jana Wrase: Relapse and gender specific activation in the striatum in alcohol dependent patients

PET/SPECT - Chair - Anissa Abi-Dargham - Abstracts

  • Mark Laruelle: Molecular imaging of the brain with PET
  • Julie Staley: Delineating the neurochemical effects of tobacco smoking from alcohol drinking (Slides)
  • Matthias Reimold: µ-opiate receptors in alcoholics, results from a [11C] carfentanil-PET study (Slides)
  • Andreas Heinz: Brain imaging studies of the reward system in alcoholism (Slides)
  • Diana Martinez: Measurement of D2 receptors in striatal substructures in alcohol dependence
  • Dean Wong: Dopamine imaging, stress and neuroendocrine changes in alcoholics (Slides)
  • Michael Soyka: Effects of dextrometorphan, alcohol and placebo on brain glucose metabolism (Slides)
  • Wendol Williams: Acute plasma tryptophan depletion on serotonin receptor occupancy
  • Peter Talbot: Synaptic 5-HT concentration, [11C]DASB, and rapid tryptophan depletion method

PET - Posters - Abstracts

  • Kelly Cosgrove: [123I]5-IA-85830 Spect imaging of nAChR in nonhuman primate brain: Pharmacological specificity and effects of chronic nicotine administration
  • Lawrence Kegeles: Benzodiazepine receptor agonist PET radioligand, [11C]triazolam: Evaluation in baboons
  • Zizhong Li: Direct and non-invasive study of ethanol pharmacokinetics in baboon using PET and carbon-11 and deuterium labeled ethanol
  • Christian Schutz: Opioid receptor binding differences between alcohol dependent subjects and health controls before and 4 weeks into abstinence

Day 3: Monday, January 19, 2004

Molecular Imaging - Chair - Douglas Rothman - Abstracts

  • Kevin Behar: NMR: glutamate-GABA cycle and GABA synthesis regulation in rodents (Slides)
  • Kathleen Grant: Imaging changes in monkey brain following ethanol self-administration (Slides)
  • Anne Lingford-Hughes: Imaging GABA-A and opioid receptors in alcoholism (Slides)
  • David Nutt: Imaging of activation to alcohol cues and GABA-A receptor function in alcoholism (Slides)
  • James Frost: PET Imaging of the brain opioid system: focus on addiction
  • Jari Tiihonen: Whole-hemisphere autoradiography in alcoholism research (Slides)
  • Karl Mann: Neuroimaging in alcoholism: what can we learn from MR-spectroscopy (Slides)
  • Raymond Anton: Neurocircuitry of reward and addiction: what we know and what we need to learn (Slides)