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Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative

The Yale Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative (BECI) provides training and consultation to organizations in Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey to enhance organizational effectiveness through program evaluation, quality improvement, and data-driven decision making. BECI began in 2009 with pilot funding from The Scattergood Foundation to build evaluation capacity in the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, which led to subsequent funding by several foundations to implement and evaluate the Porch Light Initiative.

Since 2009, BECI has provided a two-year program of consultation, training, technical assistance, and coaching to almost 50 organizations. After completing the two-year program, organizations are eligible to receive ongoing consultation and training through the Greater Philadelphia Program Evaluation Learning Collaborative. In 2019, BECI evolved into a larger collaborative endeavor to form the RISE Partnership.

BECI is currently funded through the generous support of The Scattergood Foundation, the Barra Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

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