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About Us

We are an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff from The Consultation Center at Yale who conduct program evaluations and provide evaluation capacity building services in collaboration with local, regional, state, and national organizations.

Since 1976, we have worked with organizations and systems to evaluate programs and services, enhance program effectiveness, strengthen quality improvement, promote data-driven decision making, and build a culture of evaluation and continuous learning.

Our Approach

We partner with program and community stakeholders (e.g. funders; service providers and recipients; policy makers; family members and youth; community groups) to conduct evaluations using a participatory process.

We coach and train stakeholders to enhance their capacity to participate meaningfully and equitably in the evaluation.

We work with stakeholders to articulate the goals, objectives, indicators, and outcomes for their organization.

We then collaboratively create structures to collect and report key process and outcome data to inform program progress toward outcomes and goals.

Our process allows an organization to sustain their quality improvement efforts and educates stakeholders on how to interpret and use data. Our approach combines scientific rigor with real-world constraints to inform practice, planning, and policy development.