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Answers to Common Questions

What services does YaleEVAL offer?

Coalition assessments

Consultation and technical assistance

Cost-outcome studies

Data collection

Data collection plans

Empowerment and participatory evaluations

Evaluation capacity building

Evaluation plans

Evaluation studies and research

Evidence-based interventions

Fidelity assessments

Focus groups

Implementation science

Key informant interviews

Literature reviews

Logic model development

Needs and resources assessments

Organizational leadership for evaluation

Process and outcome evaluations

Qualitative data analysis

Quantitative data analysis

Service system analyses

Survey development

Trainings and workshops

What types of organizations does YaleEVAL work with?
We work with all types of organizations, public and private. Recent organizations include nonprofit and community-based organizations, schools, state departments, and foundations in a variety sectors, such as health and wellness, education, social or human services, sports and recreation, and arts and culture.
Will YaleEVAL help me find out if my program is working?

In our experience, we have found that programs work for a specific group of people or under specific conditions rather than for everyone at all times. At YaleEVAL we help identify for whom, when, and under what conditions a program works and assist organizations in adapting their program so that it can work with various groups. Contact us, to learn more about how we can work together.

What are the fees for services?
Typically, fees are based on the specific project scope and services. Reduced fees are available for nonprofit organizations or grant-based initiatives.