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Med/Peds & Family Medicine Programs

PCPC & YOBM Med-Peds and Family Medicine Suggested 2019-2020 Topic List

Many providers and training programs use the Yale Office Based Medicine Curriculum (YOBM) in conjunction with the Yale Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum (PCPC). We have created the following suggested topic order for those who utilize both curricula. Certain chapters have considerable overlap for adults and children. When two separate chapters exist for these topics, we suggest that moderators review content from both chapters in preparation for conference and modify the discussion, pulling parts from both the PCPC and YOBM chapters as appropriate for the specific needs of their learners. We have identified some areas of overlap. 

Many of the topics that are not listed on this 52-week cycle will appear on the suggested topic order for next year. The omission of a particular chapter in no way suggests that mastery of that topic is less important than the topics that appear on the 52-week list. We encourage programs to modify the list of topics to be covered to best meet local needs.

Suggested Topic Order

  1. Health Supervision
  2. Multimodal Approach to Chronic Pain
  3. Primer on Vaccines(with Vaccinations YOBM Fall)
  4. Vaccine Hesitancy
  5. Breast Cancer Screening
  6. Breastfeeding: Prenatal Considerations
  7. Breastfeeding: Troubleshooting
  8. Celiac Disease
  9. Promoting Adherence
  10. Common Newborn Concerns
  11. Cervical Health (with Adolescent Vaccines)
  12. Chronic Cough
  13. Eating Disorders
  14. UTI (with UTI PCPC week 24)
  15. Acne Vulgaris
  16. Diabetes Treatment
  17. Social Media
  18. Dizziness
  19. Health Literacy –Closing the Gap
  20. Aspirin for Primary Prevention
  21. Toilet Training
  22. Hyperthyroidism
  23. Child Care
  24. Insomnia
  25. School Readiness & Failure
  26. Knee Pain
  27. Learning Disabilities
  28. Low Back Pain
  29. Rhinorrhea and Congestion
  30. Common Anomalies of Hands & Feet
  31. Contraception
  32. PFTs
  33. STIs & PrEP
  34. Professionalism
  35. Fatherhood
  36. Red Scaly Rash3
  37. Adoption
  38. PTSD
  39. Child Abuse
  40. Safe Prescribing in the Elderly
  41. Parental Loss and Separation
  42. Atrial Fibrillation & Flutter
  43. Discipline
  44. Infertility
  45. ADHD
  46. Safe Opioid Prescribing
  47. Depression
  48. Nutrition Counseling
  49. Indoor Arthropod Bites & Infestations
  50. Bites & Stings from Outdoor Arthropods
  51. Disability Forms
  52. Heart Murmurs