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Subscription Information

We are taking orders for the 18th edition, updated for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Complete the subscription form to purchase access to the curricular materials for yourself or your training program.

See our sample chapter page for a preview of the curriculum.

Website Access

Two accounts will be created for your training program or individual use – one with full access to all curricular material, and one with access to the Learner’s Version only. You may share these accounts with your faculty and trainees. We will continue to make updates to the website and will keep you posted as features are added. Annual access for a single training program (through June 30, 2025) will be priced as follows:

Number of trainees in program








  • Individuals not affiliated with training programs can obtain single-user annual access for $300.
  • Prices will be prorated starting in October of each academic year to a minimum of 50% of the prices quoted above.
  • Those engaged in medical training (fellows, residents, students) whose training programs do not have institutional access may obtain single-user access for $50. This price will not be prorated during the year.
  • Money received allows us to maintain and gradually increase the capabilities of the curriculum.

Paper Access

In our own clinics, we have found it useful to have at least 5 Learner's Versions and 2 Moderator's Versions so that all small group discussants can follow along during primary care conference. Other programs have ordered a separate volume for each user, while others have found having only online access sufficient.

A single print volume contains the first 52 chapters of our original material plus the URLs of recommended reference material. All other chapters are available online and will not be contained in the bound volume. Pricing for paper copies is as follows:

  • Moderator’s Version - $60 per copy
  • Learner’s Version - $50 per copy
  • Prices for international orders may vary based on shipping costs.

We run print cycles each spring in time for the new academic year, and as necessary throughout the year based on demand. Orders placed after June of each year are subject to availability