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Welcome to the electronic version of the Yale Office-Based Medicine Curriculum. Currently, the Yale Office-based Medicine Curriculum is used in more than 190 Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residency programs, as well as in many nursing and medical schools.

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Inaugural Visiting Professorship in Primary Care - Dr. Christine Sinsky Grand Rounds Video

This fall, the Yale Office-based Medicine Curriculum sponsored the inaugural Visiting Professorship in Primary Care. We were honored to host Dr Christine Sinsky, MD, who currently serves as the Vice President of Professional Satisfaction at the American Medical Association. A board certified internist, she also practices at Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans in Dubuque, Iowa.

During her visit, she met with trainees, hospital and system leadership, and was the keynote speaker at the 25th Reunion for the Yale Primary Care Residency.

We are pleased to share with you, the subscribers of the Yale Office-based Medicine Curriculum, Dr. Sinsky’s Department of Medicine Grand Rounds on “In Search of Joy in Practice.”

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