Med/Peds & Family Medicine Programs

PCPC & YOBM Med-Peds and Family Medicine Suggested 2017-2018 Topic List

Many providers and training programs use the Yale Office Based Medicine Curriculum (YOBM) in conjunction with the Yale Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum (PCPC). We have created the following suggested topic order for those who utilize both curricula. Certain chapters have considerable overlap for adults and children. When two separate chapters exist for these topics, we suggest that moderators review content from both chapters in preparation for conference and modify the discussion, pulling parts from both the PCPC and YOBM chapters as appropriate for the specific needs of their learners. We have identified some areas of overlap. 

Many of the topics that are not listed on this 52-week cycle will appear on the suggested topic order for next year. The omission of a particular chapter in no way suggests that mastery of that topic is less important than the topics that appear on the 52-week list. We encourage programs to modify the list of topics to be covered to best meet local needs.

  1. Agenda Setting (PCPC week 2)
  2. Diabetic Microvascular Complications (YOBM Fall)
  3. Newborn Screening (PCPC week 6)
  4. Hypertension (YOBM Fall)
  5. Language Support Services (PCPC week 7)
  6. Dyspepsia (YOBM Fall)
  7. Motivational Interviewing (PCPC week 8)
  8. Vitamin D (YOBM Fall) combined with Bone Health (PCPC week 52)
  9. Safe Infant Sleep (PCPC week 9)
  10. Lymphadenopathy (YOBM Fall) combined with Lymphadenopathy (PCPC week 39)
  11. Postpartum Depression (PCPC week 10)
  12. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (YOBM Fall)
  13. Formula Feeding (PCPC week 7)
  14. PFTs (YOBM Fall)
  15. Road Traffic Safety (PCPC week 12)
  16. Testicular Pain (YOBM Fall)
  17. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (PCPC week 14)
  18. Otitis Media & Externa (YOBM Fall) combined with Otitis Media & Externa (PCPC week 37)
  19. Identification of the Sick Child (PCPC week 15)
  20. Palliative Care (YOBM Fall)
  21. Primary Care of the Premature Infant (PCPC week 16)
  22. Cardiovascular Disease in Women (YOBM Fall)
  23. Immunodeficiencies (PCPC week 17)
  24. Cultural Humility (YOBM Fall)
  25. Joint Pain (PCPC week 18)
  26. Galactorrhea (YOBM Fall)
  27. Menstrual Disorders (PCPC week 19) combined with Amenorrhea (YOBM Fall)
  28. Pharyngitis (YOBM Fall) combined with Antibiotic Stewardship (PCPC week 66)
  29. Urinary Incontinence (PCPC week 20)
  30. Proteinuria (YOBM Fall) combined with Hematuria & Proteinuria (PCPC week 81)
  31. Failure to Thrive (PCPC week 21)
  32. HIV Update (YOBM Fall)
  33. Dermatology General Principles (PCPC week 22)
  34. Returning Veterans (YOBM Fall)
  35. Amenia (PCPC week 24) combined with Amenia (YOBM Fall) 
  36. Diabetes: Initiating Insulin (YOBM Spring)
  37. School-Based Health Centers (PCPC week 22)
  38. Bipolar Disorders (YOBM Spring)
  39. Transition (PCPC week 28)
  40. Autism Spectrum Disorder (PCPC week 41)
  41. Foster Care (PCPC week 30)
  42. Medical Error (YOBM Spring)
  43. Multiple Gestations (PCPC week 31)
  44. Anxiety (YOBM Spring)
  45. Toxic Stress in Childhood (PCPC week 32)
  46. Fatigue (YOBM Spring)
  47. Sports Injury (PCPC week 35)
  48. Dementia (YOBM Spring)
  49. Head Size and Shape (PCPC week 36)
  50. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (YOBM Spring) combined with Complementary & Integrative Health (PCPC week 29)
  51. Bullying (PCPC week 42)
  52. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (YOBM Spring) combined with Sleep (PCPC week 46)
  1. Acne Vulgaris*
  2. Adoption*
  3. Asthma
  4. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder*
  5. Breastfeeding
  6. Child Abuse*
  7. Child Care*
  8. Circumcision
  9. Coding and Billing in Ambularotry Care Part I: "Nuts and Bolts"*
  10. Coding and Billing in Ambulatory Care Part II: "Putting it All Together"*
  11. Common Newborn Concerns*
  12. Concussion
  13. Constipation*
  14. Contraception*
  15. Dental Care*
  16. Depression*
  17. Development
  18. Difficult Encounter
  19. Discipline*
  20. Eating Disorders*
  21. Fatherhood*
  22. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  23. Fever in Children Less than 36 Months
  24. Firearm Safety
  25. Fluoride Varnish
  26. Food Allergy
  27. Gait - Lower Extremity Angular and Rotational Deformity*
  28. Headache*
  29. Health Literacy- Closing the Gap*
  30. Health Supervision
  31. Hearing Screening*
  32. Heart Murmurs*
  33. Hypertension
  34. Injury Prevention
  35. Lead*
  36. Learning Disabilities*
  37. LGBTQ Youth*
  38. Lipid Screening and Dyslipidemia*
  39. Literacy Development
  40. Marijuana
  41. Media and Child Health
  42. Medical Home and Children with Special Health Care Needs*
  43. Medical Legal Partnership
  44. Nutrition
  45. Obesity Prevention
  46. Obesity Treatment
  47. Parental Loss and Separation*
  48. Pediatrician in the Community*
  49. Poverty & the Pediatric Safety Net
  50. Puberty, Normal & Delayed
  51. Puberty, Precocious
  52. Rhinorrhea and Congestion*
  53. Road Traffic Safety
  54. School Readiness & Failure*
  55. Scoliosis & Kyphosis
  56. Sexuality*
  57. Short Stature*
  58. Social Media*
  59. Sports Participation
  60. Substance Use
  61. Telephone & Email Medicine
  62. Temperament in the Pediatric Visit*
  63. Tobacco Prevention
  64. Tobacco Treatment
  65. Toilet Training*
  66. Travel Preparedness*
  67. Tuberculosis Screening & Treatment
  68. Urinary Tract Infections*
  69. Vaccine Refusal*
  70. Vaccines Adolescent*
  71. Vaccines Primer*
  72. Vision Screening*
  73. Water Safety

*chapter has not appeared on the suggested combined list in either 2017-18 or 2018-19 and likely will be included in the combined list for the 2019-20 or 2020-21 editions.

Asthma: Diagnosis and Treatment
Chronic Kidney Disease
Depression-Screening and Diagnosis
Falls in the Elderly
Management of Hepatitis C
Occupational and Environmental Medicine in the Primary Care
Opioid Maintenance Therapy
Outpatient Management of CHF
Palliative Care
Perioperative Evaluation
Perioperative Management (Non-Cardiac)
Screening for Colon Cancer
Special Issues in the Displaced Person
Tick-borne diseases
Work-up of Dyspnea