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Leah Lowenstein Award

The Leah Lowenstein Award is presented annually to the faculty member who is the model of a medical educator whose humane teaching reaches and influences all students regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic background. These are the traits espoused by the late Leah Lowenstein, a medical educator and first female Dean of a co-educational medical school. Any faculty member at the School of Medicine may be nominated for the award, and nominations are made by members of the graduating class of Yale School of Medicine.

About Leah Lowenstein

Leah Lowenstein was one of just three women in her medical class in 1954 at the University of Wisconsin and went on to become a lead kidney disease researcher and a faculty member at Boston University School of Medicine, and served on the faculty of Tufts University School of Medicine and the Thorndike Memorial Laboratories at Harvard Medical School. She was also a medical advisor for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and a member of the study sections of the National Institutes of Health. In 1982, she was named vice president and dean of Jefferson Medical College, the first woman dean of a co-educational medical school. Lowenstein grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was an accomplished cellist—a music scholarship helped to finance her medical education. She earned her PhD at Somerville College, was a research associate at Oxford University, and completed her residency at Beth Israel Hospital at Harvard Medical School and a fellowship in renal and metabolic diseases at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Tufts. Throughout her career, Lowenstein was an advocate for women in medicine.

Leah Lowenstein Award Recipients

Anna B. Reisman, M.D. 2020

Howard Forman, M.D. M.B.A. 2019

Karen Jubanyik, M.D. 2018

Susan Kashaf, M.D., M.P.H. 2017

Alfred Lee, M.D., PhD 2017

Mark B. Russi, M.D., M.P.H. 2016

Karen A. Santucci, M.D. 2015

Margaret Bia, M.D. 2014

Andrea B. Asnes, M.D. 2013

Mark R. Mercurio, M.D. 2012

Marcella Nunez-Smith, M.D., M.H.S. 2011

Benjamine R. Doolittle, M.D., MDiv. 2011

Jessica L. Illuzzi, M.D. 2010

Benjamine R. Doolittle, M.D., MDiv. 2010

Laura Ment, M.D. 2009

Nina R. Horowitz, M.D. 2008

Andrés S. Martin, M.D., M.P.H. 2008

Vincent J. Quagliarello, M.D. 2007

Karen A. Santucci, M.D. 2007

Nancy R. Angoff, M.P.H., M.Ed. 2006

Catherine Chiles, M.D. 2005

Eve R. Colson, M.D. 2004

Susan M. Richman, M.D. 2003

Marie E. Egan, M.D. 2002

Gail D’Onofrio, M.D. 2001

Lynn Tanoue, M.D. 2000

Robert H. Gifford, M.D. 2000

Shanta Kapadia, M.D. 1999

Ronnie A. Rosenthal, M.D. 1998

Janet B. Henrich, M.D. 1997

Barbara Ward, M.D. 1996

Margaret J. Bia, M.D. 1995

Coralie Shaw, M.D. 1994

Barbara Ward, M.D. 1993

Michele Barry, M.D. 1992

Linda Bartoshuk, Ph.D. 1991

Anne McBride Curtis, M.D. 1990

Joy Hirsch, Ph.D. 1989

Laura Ment, MD 1988

Barbara Kinder, M.D. 1987

Ken Barwick, M.D. 1986

Harriet Wolfe, M.D. 1986

Shanta Kapadia, M.D. 1986