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Kuan & Bewersdorf Honored With 2024 Kavli Innovative Teams Awards

May 03, 2024

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 Kavli Innovative Teams Award.

The Kavli Innovative Teams Awards are seed grants to Yale investigators to support the creation of innovative teams that tackle established questions with the goal of seeding future large-scale program grant applications. Many major questions in neuroscience can be solved only by assembling teams of skilled researchers using multiple established techniques to achieve progress where no one laboratory can succeed alone. By seeding innovative project team creation, initial support from Kavli has the potential to lead to long-term support from extramural sources.

2024 Kavli Innovative Teams Award recipients:

  • Aaron Kuan & Joerg Bewersdorf “Elucidating Molecular Connectomics using Pan-Staining Expansion Microscopy”

Congratulations to them!

Submitted by Pauline Charbogne on May 03, 2024