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2024 Postdoc Mentor Award

Congratulations to Soraya Scuderi, associate research scientist in the Vaccarino lab, for receiving a 2024 Postdoc Mentor Award!

Source: Yale Kavli Institute for Neuroscience
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  • Amory Prize Is Presented to Haifan Lin

    Yale President Peter Salovey hosted a celebration of stem cell biologist Haifan Lin as he received the Amory Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    Source: American Academy of Arts & Sciences
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  • What Parents Should Know About Complex Motor Stereotypies

    Complex motor stereotypies, or stereotyped movements, are repetitive and rhythmic movements that usually start in early childhood and often continue into adulthood. The movements may include hand flapping, waving, rotating or tensing of body parts, and are observed just as frequently in both boys and girls. It is worth noting that children often develop their own "signature" movement patterns. Some may flap their arms while walking in circles, while others may repeatedly shrug their shoulders or tense their hands. Complex motor stereotypies may be distinguished from simple motor stereotypies. The latter are common in early childhood, and include nail biting, tapping or fidgeting, and usually disappear as children grow older. Complex motor stereotypies are frequently observed in children with autism, developmental delays, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], anxiety, and some neurological conditions. However, they also occur in children who are developing typically.

    Source: Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine
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  • Fall 2023 Spark Award Recipients Announced

    The Yale Institute for Global Health has selected Thomas Fernandez, MD; Eleanor Reid, MD, PhD; and Vanessa Ezenwa, PhD to receive the Fall 2023 Spark Award. Each recipient will receive an award of up to $10,000. The Spark Award aims to provide initial funding to support global health research initiatives and partnerships among YIGH-affiliated faculty. Candidates were selected based on five criteria: innovation, feasibility, sustainability, anticipated outcomes, and alignment with YIGH’s mission to improve the health of individuals and populations worldwide. Below is a summary of the Fall 2023 Spark Award projects and their Principal Investigators:

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  • Researchers Investigate Head Size and Autism

    A recent study led by Dr. Flora Vaccarino explored the different cell types in cortical organoids to gain a better understanding of the development of macrocephaly in autistic individuals.

    Source: AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine
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